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Latin Dance fashions

Long Skirts

Short Skirts

Your Latin dancewear wardrobe wouldn't be complete without the perfect Latin dance skirt! Flowing fabrics and form-fitting, sexy styles make our Latin skirts ideal for putting together the perfect dance outfit for your night out dancing. Create a dance costume for your upcoming performance or competition or simply wear them to dance class.

Keep in mind that you can mix-and-match them with our selection of pretty dance tops. Choose from our ballroom dancewear selection of beautiful ballroom skirts, sexy Salsa skirts, elegant Tango skirts, and comfortable practice dance skirts. No matter how you wear them, the style and movement of our Latin dance skirts will feel great and make heads turn when you're out on the dance floor! Don't forget that our discounted dancewear store offers discounted dance shoes at very favorable prices as well, so check them out and pair them with your favorite Latin dance skirt!

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