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Latin Dance fashions


salsa dance shoeInvesting in a good pair of ballroom dance shoes is usually the first step people take in making a commitment to continue dancing when they first get started. So what's the difference between regular street shoes and ballroom dancing shoes? Ballroom shoes are super lightweight and are made of soft leather and fabrics that hug your feet. They're also flexible and have distinct suede soles that give you just the right amount of friction on the dance floor; they're not too slippery and don't grip the floor like rubber soles do.

Customers often comment on how much easier it is to execute steps, turns and spins once they slipped into a pair of Latin dance shoes. In a nutshell, ballroom dance shoes give you better control when dancing compared to street shoes. Our Salsa shoe store offers a wide selection of Latin dance shoes to suit your taste and style, including Salsa dance shoes, Swing dance shoes, Tango dance shoes, Jazz dance shoes if you're looking for practice footwear, and even discounted dance shoes at great bargain prices.

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