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Latin Dance fashions

1480 DP Ballroom Dance Shoe


Ballroom dance shoes can be so blazé. Why settle for your typical satin black, nude and copper “strappies” when you can add a little edge to your step when you hit the latin dance shoes, ballroom dance shoes, salsa shoes, ballroom dancing shoeshardwood? The new Dance Depot Ballroom shoe designs are fun, chic, sexy, unique, funky, coquette, elegant and stylish. They've decided to think outside the “ballroom dancing shoe fashion spectrum’s box” and have come up with an array of styles and designs to suit your own individual personality and flair. Let’s face it, Latin dance shoes can help put any outfit together. A little black dress stops being “just” a little black dress when paired up with the right pair of stems.

Add a red Salsa dance shoe or maybe one with a little sparkle and that outfit goes from hot to HOTTER! Traditional Salsa shoes just don’t possess the flair and sex appeal as a pair of skyscraper-high Louboutins or the intriquette details of a pair of Manolo’s. Dance Depot is the next generation of Latin dance shoes! 

Please note that all of our Latin dance shoes are designed with suede soles and are available in American sizes. For this pair of shoes, order delivery time is approx. 3 weeks. Receive FREE shipping on this item for U.S. customers only!

Ladies Adult Shoe Sizes

USA4.555.5 66 .577.5 88.59
UK22.533 .544.555.566.5 


  • Model: TL1329_LtPurpleS
  • Manufactured by: NS

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